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H/C = hair color

F/R = favorite restaurant 

F/M = favorite meal

You looked around the funhouse, trying to find an outfit for your date. Your eyes then caught an old wardrobe. You walked over to it and opened it. Inside it was a beautiful white dress. "Perfect!" You said, grabbing the dress. You ran to the bathroom and locked yourself inside, putting on the dress. It was a perfect fit! You smiled in satisfaction. But you needed a hairbrush. You found a hairbrush on the counter and brushed your h/c hair. You looked around but couldn't find anything else to put on. You shrugged your shoulders. "Well, looks like this'll do." You said. You then looked in a mirror and saw how beautiful you looked. You smiled and ran off to find Kevin Jr.

You looked around the rooms, trying to find Kevin Jr. "Wait, I'll go ask Flumpty! Maybe he'll know where Kevin Jr. is!" You said. You ran to Flumpty and asked him, "Do you know where Kevin Jr. is?" "He's in his room, it's down the hall to the right!" He responded cheerfully. "Thank you!" You said. You went down the hall and looked at the door to the right. It was a white door with a silver handle. You gently knocked on it and waited. Kevin Jr. opened the door. "Hello Y/N." He greeted. "Hi Kevin Jr." You said. He looked you up and down and said, "You look beautiful." You blushed and said, "Thank you." Kevin Jr. looked at you and said, "Ready for the date?" "Yeah." You replied. Kevin Jr. smiled and took your hand. You both went to your f/r and you ordered f/m. After you both finished, Kevin Jr. paid for it. 

Kevin Jr. walked back to Flumpty's with you and took you to his room. It was a good sized room, with a bookshelf full of books, a chair sitting next to it, a tv, and a bed big enough for two. You were impressed. "Nice room!" You said. "Thank you." Kevin Jr. said. He then held your hand and looked up at you. "Y/N, I think you're a beautiful woman." He confessed. You blushed and said, "T-Thanks, Kevin Jr." He smiled and asked, "How was the date, my dear?" You blushed again. "Great." You said. "I'm glad you did." Kevin Jr. said. You both smiled. Kevin Jr. then checked his pocket watch. It was 9:00 PM. "Would you like to sleep?" Kevin Jr. asked. "Yes please." You said. You were extremely tired. "Ok." Kevin Jr. replied. "Would you like to sleep in your room?" He asked. "Yes." You said. Kevin Jr. said "Ok." He walked you to your room and tucked you in. You both said goodbye and you fell asleep.

Ok, let me explain this chapter. This takes place after the first chapter because I wanted this story to make more sense. More chapters coming up soon!
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June 23, 2016
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